Who are we?

Founded by Andrew Randon (Randon Films) and Anthony Mizzi in 2018, we are modular team of filmmakers, storytellers, writers and artists. Along with writer and director Naomi Grädel we form a bespoke production house that delivers cinema-standard video and writing for your story, brand, product or idea. We, however, are just the foundation. Great success comes from great collaborations; from connecting talent with talent. In this respect we are fortunate to work with, and represent, artists of distinction.

Our Services

Concept development & Creative Consultation
Gearing up for a new marketing campaign for your brand, story or product? Or are you an agency that has been tasked with producing a campaign for a client? Either way, we can sit down with whatever ideas and budget you have to work with and tell you what sort of production value can be achieved, building a road-map for the future of your brand’s content. But how do you develop concepts exactly? Well, more than just proposing exciting or catchy ideas, we first understand your market and your product/brand. The first key step is outlining your core audience in that market, making particular note of what that demographic has responded well to in the immediate past. We then take into account your presence on the market, what your customers have come to know and expect of your marketing, and how they interact with it. Once this has allowed us to build a general mood and tone, we then outline and propose a script to bring your brand/product to life for your audience in a novel way.
Scripting & Content Writing
Driven by a writing team consisting of Anthony and Naomi we devise scripts that range from the adventurous to the heart-stopping. Specializing in voice-over work ourselves and producing personal stories, we offer a script-writing service which is quoted on a length and research basis. Whether you have no idea at all or a very strong one, we can help you bring it to life on paper. We create both action scripts with catchy ideas but no dialogue or we create emotionally engaging narratives that pull you in through the sound of a voice.
Blank Canvas evolved out of the vision and passion that was Andrew Randon who had operated as a one man crew when he opened Randon Films. Once joined by Naomi and Anthony, Blank Canvas was formed to represent the creative production agency. Hence, Blank Canvas is a synergistic operation with a fully-equipped and dedicated audio-visual department that is Randon Films. The in-house camera equipment is cinema standard and streamlined so we offer a bare bones rate system on our services not equipment. Any services sub-contracted beyond ours will be clearly stipulated and consulted upon in advance (for example VFX and connecting the right talent to your project.) Beyond that we are equipped for international travel and we’re able to maintain our standard wherever we go. We adapt to the brand, story or product that we’re filming, honing in on the details that make its character sing on screen. We specialize in docu-series and interviews or fast-paced and engaging TVC’s, all 100% original and organic for authentic lead-generation. Film & Location Servicing. We’re equipped to supply films and larger scale productions with both crew and camera tech. We have a range of industry standard gimbals, camera bodies and lighting. Quote provided on request. Digital Marketing? Of course. From 250 words to 1,500, with research driven writing we can push your SEO numbers out of the stratosphere with engaging articles that draw the broader market under the umbrella of your brand. Drop us a message for a free quote and consultation. From there, we will have a call to determine what products and services you offer on a deeper level than we understand right now. We’ll then go away and produce an action list. We’ll break this down into months. This plan will be structured to get you organic results as fast as humanly possible. Product photography Equipped with studio facilities – we can offer packaged rates for products whether fashion, consumer electronics or food. Product photography is integral to the successful running of an e-commerce or retail platform/website. Your client needs to be able to see all the faces to your product, but more than anything, they need to be able to see themselves in it. Zoom in for detail, swipe for perspective. Get in touch and we’d be happy to send you a sample.

Our Clients

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